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New Age of Beauty

There are so many new ingredients, treatments and products that are described as the must-have, must-do and must-use that it can be hard to know what to try and what to believe! But the best thing about beauty products is being able to experiment. Here are a few that caught our eye.

positive radiance
crystal body polish

Crystals are promoted as healing elements, so why not include them in beauty products? House of Intuition’s latest launch promotes the idea that your daily ritual is really all about self-care and self-love. Its Crystal Body Polish ($28) does much more than just exfoliate. Activated with vibrating crystal energy and essential oils, each of the five types offers different attributes (amethyst provides spiritual and emotional protection, citrine offers an energetic and creative boost, etc.). It’s a brand beloved by numerous celebrities, including Lena Dunham and Anne Hathaway … namaste!

answer to aging
formula 28 perfector

A new, natural, anti-aging skin care line, Ultra Violet, is touting its products as ones to combat aging at the cellular level with bio-effective ingredients. Founder Marci Malbrough is an NCEA-certified master esthetician who has custom-designed the line for a drug-free alternative to younger, healthier looking skin. The Formula 28 Perfector ($115) is made without parabens, sulfates or phthalates and with hyaluronic acid, silver ear mushroom and trehalose. If some of those don’t sound familiar, just know that the serum diminishes visible imperfections, normalizes skin tone, helps clear breakouts, hydrates and controls the skin’s reaction to stress.

it’s greek to me
face scrub & mask 2 in 1

Founded in Greece in 2005 as a certified line of organic cosmetics (in cooperation with the prestigious European certification body for organic products), BIOSelect products are made with love and respect for the environment using natural ingredients from Crete. Almost all organic products in the line include the patented Dictamelia, an ancient remedy of olive oil and the dictamnus herb. The Face Scrub & Mask 2 in 1 ($15) cleanses and exfoliates with bamboo seeds and green clay, and vitamin E, shea butter and natural oils nourish the skin.

super natural
cake mascara

Natural products are becoming the norm these days, but Bésame Cosmetics is taking it even further with its reproduction of makeup from decades past. During WWII, rationing materials and using items for multiple purposes were part of the culture, and Bésame wants to adopt that philosophy again by creating long-lasting, zero-waste, multipurpose products. The Cake Mascara ($25) lasts up to two years and doubles as eyeliner and brow fill. Packaged in a reusable tin, refills come wrapped in compostable packaging.

goat milk beauty balm

Don’t you love a product that can take care of multiple problems? The all-natural skincare brand Dionis is offering that in its 100% natural Goat Milk Beauty Balm (yes, goat milk). The vitamins and minerals naturally found in goat milk hydrate, nourish and condition skin. This product ($15) can be used as a moisturizer, lip balm, cuticle cream, cheekbone highlighter and even to tame flyaway hair!
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