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Not So Deep Thoughts: 12.6.17

book » unbelievable: my front row seat to the craziest campaign in american history by Katy Tur
I am a political junkie. I am never happier than when I can watch nonstop political commentary for four straight hours on a Sunday morning. That said, this book is meant for people who don’t know who Chuck Todd is—and don’t care. Katy Tur was a foreign correspondent for NBC assigned to cover the Trump campaign, which she did for 500 days. Her story is not political, but more of a journal of how she dealt with the pressure of being part of a very contentious campaign and being singled out as ‘Little Katy’ during Trump rallies. Don’t worry; there is no crying in her account. It’s just an honest report of covering a historic event.

tv » NBC Thursday night line-up
I know that all the ‘good’ TV is on Netflix, but you really need to take a look at what NBC has to offer. Thursdays start with Superstore, based on the hilarity of the workplace environment at a supersized megastore in Kirkwood (yes, Kirkwood, Missouri! Numerous references are made about K-wood and St. Louis). The bench is deep with characters who will make you laugh. Will and Grace picks up right where it left off, and all you need to know is that ‘just Jack!’ is still ‘just Jack.’ The Good Place is in its second season, and I would strongly suggest you watch season one (available on nbc.com) to follow the story line. It’s nice to have Ted Danson back on Thursday nights. And Great News is a quirky Tina Fey creation that follows the antics of a newsroom. Ed Asner does not make an appearance, but Nicole Richie does.