Paint a Better Picture

Dear Homework,
I would love to add a wide front porch to our South County colonial. I would also like to start over with the landscaping because it has become a bit overgrown. What do you think needs to be done to bring this whole picture together?

Paint a Better Picture

Dear Paint a Better Picture,
Since your facade is asymmetrical, I would like to reuse the round window/gable element as part of the new front porch. This will reinforce the composition and make a bolder entry statement. Square columns seem more appropriate here than round ones, and the porch is close enough to the ground not to need railings.

I would keep the landscaping very simple by using hydrangeas to frame the corners of the porch and then using various low and taller grasses to infill.

To my eyes, this updated porch almost looks as though it was built like this. It looks like an enjoyable place to spend a quiet afternoon.

Hope you like the picture,

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