Patty Unleashed

Patty Unleashed: 5.20.20

Whenever I get a manicure, most nail technicians ask me about my tattoo of a semicolon on my finger. It would be easy enough to say, “Oh, I’m a writer, and it’s my favorite punctuation mark.” But that would be a lie. First, I don’t actually consider myself a writer, more of a sarcastic over-sharer, and my favorite is the exclamation point! I got my tattoo to show solidarity against mental health issues. I have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and through treatment, I lead a fairly normal life.

For regular readers, this is old news. I write annually about it during Mental Health Awareness Month. OCD snuck up on me. I actually thought everyone’s brain was wired like mine. I don’t count tiles, and I’m not afraid of germs; I just have repetitive thoughts. With the help of a doctor and therapist, I am as ‘normal’ as I can be. I have one pet peeve: when someone says, “Oh, I’m just a little OCD,” as they straighten a pillow. No, you are not; you are neat.

Mental illness is embarrassing for some. Not me. My family, friends and readers know. I want to help #breakthestigma. Being stuck in the house these past few weeks has been tough on everyone, but if you have a mental illness, it can be really difficult. I am hopeful people are reaching out to their circle of friends, therapist or whoever for support if needed. Well, unless you have my friends.

You see, I purposely have stayed away from learning much about COVID-19 because otherwise, I will convince myself that I have it. So I spend time watching my adorable grandson in the mornings, reading and looking at social media. I am a sucker for any products promoted on Instagram or Facebook. Yes, I believe what the advertising says. I have purchased the Wow Mop by Nellie (it vibrates to get your floor extra clean!); Goli Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Vitamins (gummy bears that taste awful, and I don’t remember what they are supposed to do); Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D/Neck (a plastic surgeon once told me I had a waddle under my chin and that he could suck it out. This is going to tighten my waddle.); Supreme Toning Tower (I can’t comment on this because I threw my back out playing horsey and haven’t used it yet.)

Anyway, during a Zoom call with my friends, I coughed up my recent odd purchases. After much laughter, they realized what a great asset I could be. Any of the odd things they see promoted and wonder about, I would purchase and report back to them. Way to take advantage of my OCD. It was like that old commercial, “Let’s get Mikey to try it.”

So, I leave you with two things: one, from the National Alliance of Mental Illness, #youarenotalone, and two, if you have something you want me to try, email me. I am Mikey.

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