When was the last time you thought about acne? Probably not recently—unless, of course, you’re a fan of the TLC show Dr. Pimple Popper. But I want you to go back in time, to either middle school, high school or even college when one thing was always certain: If you had an event to attend, you would sprout a big old zit right on the tip of your nose or forehead. It was always prominent, and no matter how hard you tried to cover it up or treat it with Clearasil (Do they still sell that stuff?), it still stared back at you in the mirror! Acne is one of those things that most people experience in their life, unfortunately. So, why the sudden interest in the lowly pimple? Because of a meeting I had with a teenager who is providing skin care products for youth in need. When I was 16, I didn’t really care about anyone’s acne but my own.

Let me introduce you to Soleil Nazar. She is a remarkable young woman who, through her work at a diaper bank, learned there is a whole segment of young people who don’t have access to skin care products. She created The Pimple Pouch, which consists of moisturizer, cleanser, sunscreen and pimple patches. She has already distributed 150 of these pouches, and her goal is to triple that number this summer. How? Hard work and willingness to talk to anyone—me, dermatologists, financial supporters—in an effort to get the products and funding she needs to create these pouches. Soleil had her first big fundraising push this spring at her school, Villa Duchesne, when she raised more than $700 from her fellow students through a dress down day.

Soleil said she and her mom spend time at the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank, which provides diapers for families who need them. Soleil started to think about the teenagers who also were in need of skin care products. Sure, a zit does not mean the end of the world, but most medical professionals will tell you that acne does have a psychological impact on those who suffer with severe breakouts. So, Soleil came up with the idea to help. It was that simple.

The work didn’t stop after the idea was hatched. She created her own nonprofit as a way to fund her efforts and also ensure that once she goes off to college the organization will continue. She filled her board with local dermatologists and has begun to spread the word about the mission of her organization. Take a look at her website thepimplepouch.com to learn more. Once you do, I suspect, like me you will find yourself collecting small travel-sized products for the pouches or sending a donation.

At the age of 63, I thought my years of thinking about pimples were over. I’ve moved on to brown spots, but one young woman is doing something to help youth in need. I hope you will consider doing the same. Peace my peeps. And may your pimples or brown spots be small!