Ready To Renovate

Dear Homework,
Our young family recently completed a total renovation of the interior of our West County ranch. The goal was to make it brighter and more open and have better flow. We would like the exterior design to mirror the ‘sophisticated farmhouse’ style we achieved inside. How would you suggest we create a bit more ‘pop’ on the façade?

—Ready to Renovate

Dear Ready to Renovate,
As with many homes, there are both minor and major changes that will create a dramatic improvement in your house’s presentation.

The first major change I would suggest is to paint the existing details of the front façade to make them stand out. By changing the shutters to a crisp black and the siding elements to a medium gray, the current white details will stand out in bold relief, giving the home a new vibrance.

The next major change would be to upgrade the prominent garage door to a carriage style, which will bring some ‘upmarket’ detail and reinforce the sophisticated farmhouse vibe.

Helpful minor changes include adding a new front door and window boxes, as well as modifying the mailbox and gas lamp. Landscape upgrades will minimize the proximity of neighboring houses and fill in the few bare areas present now.

These changes bring a new spark to your home and should create a more natural flow to your renovated interior.

Hope that helps,

Homework is penned by Paul Doerner, founding partner of The Lawrence Group. If you would like your home critiqued, contact us at homework@townandstyle.com.