For 25 years, agent Elizabeth St. Cin has enjoyed developing strong personal relationships with her clients.  The trust and teamwork she works to foster have made a winning combination. “I’m working for my clients, and they’re working for me,” she says. “It never fails.”

What has been your most memorable experience in real estate?
I like all of the people I’ve worked with, and to me, that’s memorable. I’ve recently been working with a client I’ve known since she was in kindergarten. I sold her home 15 years ago, and now, I’m helping her again. I cherish that.

What is one piece of advice you would give sellers?
Start decluttering as soon as possible if you know you want to move. This is huge and will save you a lot of stress when putting your house on the market.

What about advice for buyers?
Find a lender you trust and are comfortable with. It’s a relationship you’re going to have from day one to close; it’s important to find someone who is service-oriented and can work with your needs. I have a list of recommended lenders and suggest my clients talk to at least five so they can find the best fit.

Where would be your favorite place to live in St. Louis?
Where I live, in Warson Woods. We just moved into our third home in the area. It’s like a little storybook neighborhood with a small community feel. You can walk to restaurants, shops and parks, and the people are very friendly.

What are buyers looking for most in homes?
They want a home that is move-in ready and doesn’t need a lot of updating or cleaning. Buyers want everything to be done and don’t want properties that require big expenses like new bathrooms or kitchens.

What are the disadvantages to a ‘For Sale by Owner,’ for both buyers and sellers?
There are contractual guidelines that need to be met in a timely manner, and problems can arise when you’re working on the contract. Often, the seller and buyer don’t understand the significance of the guidelines. The disadvantage is a simple lack of knowledge.