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What are some ideas for decorating around a fireplace?

Fireplaces are the natural focal point for some of the most beloved spaces in any home. Depending on the room, that can be a blessing or a curse. The location of the fireplace and the home’s aesthetic will help determine not only the mantel decor, but also how the area around the fireplace can be used. The mantel itself can have a straightforward, formal balance, but don’t be afraid of trying something a little outside the box. Think eclectic or asymmetrical.

The area around the fireplace can be just as tricky as any mantel. Depending on how the room is used, you may find formal balance in the hearth area too stuffy or confining.

If your fireplace is in the family room, keep the area around it clear since there might be a TV in the same space. Avoid placing the TV over the mantel because it’s too high for comfortable viewing. This will create a room with two focal points, so remember that the fireplace always will be there and the TV won’t always be in use. Try to incorporate furniture that can swivel or be oriented between both potential focal points.

If the fireplace is in a more formal space, create a conversation area around it. Use comfy chairs, a large, upholstered tuffet that pulls double duty as a coffee table, and additional seating in front of the fire when you’re entertaining. Wingback chairs were designed to be used around a fireplace because they capture heat. They can help create the perfect environment for cozy nights in!

As with decorating any area, each situation requires special care and attention. Research what others have found works best, adapt it for your particular needs and taste, and don’t be afraid to try something new!
-david j. bovier, owner, ken miesner’s flower shoppe

More ideas for sprucing up a fireplace area:

Tucked Away.
Have a fireplace that’s not in a sitting room? You still can create a cozy spot for relaxation even in the most unlikely areas. Look for seating that fits the space; don’t be afraid to try something unusual like a bench or hanging chair.

Sofas with Style. For a classic layout, place two matching sofas facing each other with the fireplace centered in the space between. For extra seating for the family, an L-shaped couch makes for an easy fireplace furniture arrangement when paired diagonally with a comfy, upholstered chair.

Remarkable Rugs. A bear skin in front of the fireplace may be a cheesy cliché, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a rug to transform a space. Add coziness to your fireplace area with something plush and inviting, or make a bold statement with color and pattern.

What’s on the Inside. Your fireplace won’t always have a fire in it, as cozy as that would be. When it’s not in use, place white birch logs inside. They add character while still being natural and neutral. For something unexpected, try stacking books in place of logs. Sources: House Beautiful, InStyle