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Refresh & Redo: 4.11.18

what are the latest trends in lighting? Whether you’re overhauling a space or just need a quick update, there’s no better way to invigorate a room than with fresh lighting. Light fixtures often are referred to as the jewelry of a home, adding style and personality wherever they hang. When done right, the perfect fixture will either blend seamlessly into your design or stand out just enough to take your breath away.

If you’re looking to update an existing design, you can incorporate new trends and save money by mixing the finishes you already have with something new in a single fixture. Play off of polished brass knobs and pulls with a bronze and gold chandelier, or warm up a contemporary space with a brass and chrome pendant. Other current design trends can translate into your lighting selections, too. Add metal dome pendants to your modern farmhouse kitchen, or choose a midcentury light for your retro living room.
—Shana Shamblin Wilson, Wilson Lighting 

Photo courtesy of Lithonia Lighting

Homeowners and designers alike have long desired a lighting solution that promotes form, function and style all in one fixture. Connectivity is one of the fastest growing trends in lighting. In my opinion, it’s here to stay. Now more than ever, it’s about having the whole human experience in one space. We are able to stimulate the senses and interact in every room in a way that affects how it looks and feels. Whether it’s a Bluetooth-operated fixture, a voice activated light switch or a totally connected home, there’s a solution out there for everyone and every budget.

One of my favorite items in this growing category is a light that includes Bluetooth speakers. It is a practical retrofit solution when you need both sound and light in the same space. It can fit into most existing recessed housings without the need for a professional installer and provides bright illumination using LED technology. Imagine listening to your favorite playlist in the shower, your outdoor kitchen or anywhere you have lights. You have the balance of both utility and practical design. Overall, we will continue to see more and more products developed by top lighting manufacturers with the ability to connect to your home.
—Carla Hunigan, Holt Lighting Depot

Photo above courtesy of Wilson Lighting