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Refresh & Redo: 9.12.18

What are some must-haves for a cozy living room?

I think pillows are always a must when it comes to adding interest and color—and a place to lay your head if needed! With such a wide selection of different options, the style choices are endless. Silk, velvet or mohair create a soft, warm addition to any chair or sofa. Plus, pillows are an easy add-on. If you’re tired of your existing sofa, changing the pillows can breathe some new life into an old look.

A throw of any kind makes for a very cozy space as well. You can wrap yourself up while relaxing or watching a great movie. Once again, there are so many different options; it’s easy to find one that fits your space and style. Merino wool, cashmere, cotton and alpaca are a few of my go-to fibers. When thrown over the arm of a sofa or chair, they create an instant invitation to sit and get comfortable.

My third must-have is one of our chicken footstools! They’re new to the design scene, but they add such whimsy, warmth and happiness to a room. They are handmade using the finest fibers and are all original, so no two are alike. They have a lot of personality!
— Barb Davis, owner, B. Davis Design 

With the cooler months just around the corner, setting up an inviting living space is essential. The most important element for a cozy room is soft lighting that makes it glow. Overhead lighting, whether a chandelier or recessed lights, is necessary for overall brightness, but a comfortable home needs table lamps to add personality, warmth and coziness. Make the table lamp the star of the show with ceramics, metallics, organic shapes and a classic drum shade. Use a warm or soft white bulb to create the ultimate atmosphere, and turn off overhead lights to enjoy your invitingly warm room.

A rug on a bare hardwood or ceramic floor can’t be overlooked when creating a snug home. Use rugs in hallways and entryways when the temperature dips. It’s a fun way to add a seasonal spark to your decor, and it’s practical. A modern rug, a hand-knotted Persian, faux fur or hide rugs—they all work! After all, who likes to wake up to cold, hard floors?

Finally, warm your nest with textured, fluffy accent pillows and a big, nubby throw. Whether you like modern or traditional interiors, your living area should beckon you to curl up with a hot drink and a good book or movie. Bring out the chunky knits, faux furs, velvets and down fills. Pile on more pillows than usual, and drape throws anywhere you like to hang out. Deep, rich colors also evoke the season and a feeling of home; emerald, navy and eggplant are fall colors with a modern edge.
— Suzanne Woodard, owner, The Refind Room