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What do you do when you want to downsize a bit but also maintain the comfort and style of your prior residence? For one homeowner in Chesterfield, the solution was to enlist the help of the same interior designer who helped her in the first place. The result: a seamless transition into a perfectly sized space.

T&S | What first attracted you to the home?
Homeowner | I liked that it was in an established, developed area. I also loved some of its architectural details, like high ceilings, transom windows and its light and open feel. It has everything I need on the first floor—which is important because I’m planning on spending the rest of my life here—yet there’s space for guests throughout the rest of the house. The basement has bedrooms and bathrooms, a full bar area and a family room with a fireplace.

T&S | Where did you live previously?
H | I was in Chesterfield on 3 acres, where I lived for 30 years. I wanted to downsize and be in a gated area, and I also wanted a home that was more open and better suited to my lifestyle.

T&S | Did you make any updates to the home?
H | Luckily, the kitchen had just been redone before I bought it. But I did work with my interior designer, Suzanne Tullock, to make a lot of cosmetic tweaks. Suzanne helped me immensely in my other home, too, and she helped make my furniture and decor work with this new place. She also updated the bathrooms with new wallpaper and light fixtures. She did the home to my taste by using the things I already had and without spending thousands on renovations. For example, instead of buying new kitchen chairs, she had them painted and reupholstered. She updated everything and had it all tie together and flow from room to room. Everything was updated or new with little expense.

T&S | What are some things to consider when hiring an interior designer?
H | You want someone who understands what you’re looking for and can work within your means and within your style and taste. Suzanne was an expert at using what I had and working with it.

T&S | How would you describe your style?
H | Casual elegance. I want my home to be open, airy and comfortable, yet I want it to look updated.

T&S | What’s your favorite space in the home?
H | My study. Suzanne was able to incorporate oil portraits of my sons, and that makes it one of my favorite rooms. It’s a very comfortable space with high ceilings and lots of windows and light. It’s a great place to sit in my lounge chair and read or work on my computer. And I love the books on the bookcases—Suzanne color-coded some of them with wallpaper, which highlights the space well.

T&S | I see you have a lot of bright green accents throughout the home.
H | I like that color because it’s bright and upbeat, and I love how it complements the browns used throughout the house, too.

T&S | Is the artwork around your bed anything special?
H | Those are framed antique intaglios from Italy, which were purchased at an art gallery in Atlanta.

T&S | Where do you go for design inspiration?
H | Suzanne exposed me to some resources I wouldn’t otherwise have had access to. I also like looking at House Beautiful, Country Living and other magazines.

Photos: Suzy Gorman


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