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Safe Growth: Compass Retirement Solutions

Marvin Mitchell, president/CEO of Compass Retirement Solutions, doesn’t quite trust the exuberant mood currently shared by many investors and advisers. “True, the market is at an all-time high for the third time in 15 years,” he says. “But the last two times we were at a high, the market crashed by more than 40 percent. If you’re a recent retiree, or you’re hoping to retire in the next five years, you simply can’t afford that kind of hit. So we help you build an income that will last as long as you do.”

Mitchell discovered his passion for helping others obtain financial security early in life. “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth,” he says. “When I was young, my family was homeless a couple of years.” When his beloved grandmother developed cancer, she didn’t have long-term care insurance. “Her savings were wiped out,” he recalls. He says part of the reason he became a financial adviser was to keep that from happening to others. That’s why his motto is ‘safety first.’ “We don’t believe in chasing returns at Compass,” he says. “Rather, we strive to help each client create, preserve and pass on as much income as possible, achieving a reasonable rate of return over time and keeping pace with inflation. We want to help you navigate the trail to a secure retirement.”

Mitchell’s firm seeks to answer all the big questions. In a constantly shifting economy, how can we invest our money so it continues to work for us? What type of insurance can protect our family if we become disabled or need long-term care? How can business owners reduce taxes, keep costs under control and develop a workable succession plan? And how can baby boomers keep their money safe for retirement in a still-volatile market? “We help our clients increase their assets, reduce risk and protect their hard-earned money, so they don’t outlive their income,” he says. “With our guidance, they can continue to enjoy the lifestyle they deserve and build a legacy for future generations.”

Mitchell and his team of experts deliver customized solutions for each client’s needs and goals. “If you’re on the verge of retirement, you want solid information and options you can understand, not complicated jargon and false promises,” he says. “We help you figure out what you want your money to do for you, and we help you get there.”

Too many people lose money unnecessarily and don’t know where to turn for advice, Mitchell says. “Our advisers help you make the most of your assets at every stage of life,” he notes. “Whether it’s income and investment planning, maximizing Social Security income, creating new avenues of tax-free income, passing on assets to beneficiaries with minimal tax impact, insurance options, or rolling over a pension plan, 401(k) or IRA transfer without tax consequences, we’re at your service.”

Pictured: Arlene Roberts Hudson, Erin Slay, Marvin Mitchell and Callie Wakefield of Compass Retirement Solutions
Photo: Tim Parker Photography

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