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Smile More: Kirkwood Station Dental

Our smiles play an important role in how we connect with the world, and oral health is crucial to how we present ourselves to others. A straighter, brighter smile can add a boost of self confidence, and the benefits often are much more than simply cosmetic. Kirkwood Station Dental offers a wide range of both cosmetic and general dentistry to meet the oral health care needs of individuals and families.

Dr. Jasmine Esmailzadegan and Dr. Robert Thomure see both children and adults at the practice. The dentists’ partnership is one of the unique benefits that distinguishes Kirkwood Station Dental. Both have different areas of expertise, so they can offer comprehensive care. “Having that balance is really beneficial,” Esmailzadegan explains. “We can offer each other advice in different areas, and patients benefit from the best of both worlds.”

She understands that people often feel apprehensive about dental care, especially if they had bad experiences in the past. She notes that patients often visit Kirkwood Station Dental for consultation before beginning any work. “Embarrassment or fear shouldn’t stop anyone from getting the necessary care,” she says. “Patients shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions to help ease any anxiety. Getting to know and work with people is part of the job that I love most.”

Adding veneers is one common way to create a wider and brighter smile. While it is a popular procedure, Esmailzadegan notes that there are many misconceptions about the treatment. “People sometimes are worried that we have to drill the teeth into nubs, but placing veneers actually is minimally invasive,” she explains. “They are thin shells that bond to the surface of the tooth. They can help fix issues like chips, discoloration or cavities that are not aesthetically pleasing. The procedure requires careful attention to detail, and I work closely with patients to fully understand their wants and expectations.”

Esmailzadegan also works with patients looking to straighten their teeth with Invisalign. The aligners not only can improve a smile’s appearance, but also fix issues with patients’ bites. “Recession of the gum, wear on the teeth and sensitivity all are symptoms of biting incorrectly,” she says. “Sometimes the benefit of aligners is wholly cosmetic, but in the majority of cases, there also is some improvement to how the teeth fit together.” She adds that she is not an orthodontist, so if the issue is more severe, she may refer patients to specialists, whether for Invisalign or traditional braces.

Along with offering cosmetic procedures, Kirkwood Station Dental provides a wide range of general dentistry services. Esmailzadegan notes that oral health plays an important role in our overall wellness. “We often think of our mouth and teeth as separate from the rest of our body, but in reality, infections like gum disease can impact heart health and other things,” she says. “Through oral exams, we also can see symptoms of other diseases like diabetes or cancer. We take a comprehensive approach because everything is connected, and it’s important to look at the whole patient to understand what’s going on and why. We help patients restore their confidence in a healthy, functional way.”

Located at 200 S. Kirkwood Road, Ste. 90, Kirkwood Station Dental offers a wide range of oral care to meet individual patient needs, whether it’s general dentistry or cosmetic procedures. Pictured on the cover: Dr. Robert Thomure and Dr. Jasmine Esmailzadegan. For more information, call 314.858.1175 or visit
Cover design by Julie Streiler | Cover photo by Bill Barrett

Pictured at top: The Kirkwood Station Dental Team
Photo: Bill Barrett 


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