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Student Standouts: 6.1.22

Lainey Hogg of Kirkwood High School

While it may be a cliche, there’s truth to the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Lainey Hogg, a recent graduate of Kirkwood High School, certainly understands the power of photography. This spring, she won in three categories of the St. Louis Public Radio Teen Photojournalist Prize contest, including the top honor of Best in Show.

Where did your interest in photography come from?
I’ve always been taking photos. When I was six or seven, my parents gave me a point-and-shoot camera for Christmas. I would take it wherever I went and take photos of random things. In middle school, my mom had a DSLR, and I would play around with it. I also joined the yearbook, and we did a little photography. Freshman year, I took photojournalism and learned more of the technical aspects. I really developed my skills working with the Pioneer Yearbook.

What do you enjoy about photography?
I really like being able to tell stories through the camera and show people different aspects of events. For example, at a football game, you may watch the field, but there are so many other things you don’t usually get to see. That’s what I like to capture.

How did you decide which photos to submit for the contest?
I think they showed my technical skill, but more than that, I like the way I took those photos. For the one that won Best Sports Feature, I was shooting a game where it was really obvious we were going to win. I saw that they were prepared to get the Frisco Bell out, so I hung around over there since I already had enough photos of the actual game. I was able to squeeze into the players’ huddle after they won to get the shot. For the grand prize-winning photo, I didn’t want to get a generic shot of the powder toss at the pep rally from the front. I was able to catch a little moment between two members of the Pommie dance team.

Do you plan on sticking with photography?
Yes. In the fall, I’m going to be majoring in journalism at Mizzou. I’m really looking forward to all the new opportunities. It will be exciting to learn more about the subject as a whole.

How was your senior-year experience?
It just felt nice to be back in class with my friends in person, especially for the yearbook. Not only could the entire team be together in one room, but we also got to have most of our usual events this year.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Gymnastics is a fun way I like to keep active. I was in a few other clubs, including mental health club, Circle of Friends and waffle club. I’m also involved in my youth group.


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