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Student Standouts: 9.11.19

aden black » lafayette high school
St. Louis is a city with a rich musical history, a legacy that continues thanks to students like Aden Black. The Lafayette senior is a member of the school’s rock band and is lead singer for the School of Rock Ballwin house band, performing around the city at venues like Delmar Hall and Old Rock House—and that’s not counting her work as a backup vocalist for other local groups!

Have you always been interested in music?
I started violin in fourth grade, and my interest developed naturally from there thanks to music class and choir. I’m not only interested in rock; I like performing more classical music, too. I still play violin with the school orchestra and am also part of the guitar ensemble.

What about rock music specifically appeals to you?
Around middle school, my music tastes shifted to more alternative, so it’s a genre I enjoy listening to. I was drawn to performing it when I didn’t make it into the contemporary choir at school. I was looking for another option and found there were more singing opportunities, including the rock band. I really like the performance style of rock. I get to be loose on stage and dance, but it’s not complicated choreography. More than any other genre I’ve performed, I get to be myself during a song.

What is your favorite thing about performing?
The crowd interaction. I love when I really get into a song, and everyone in the audience feels it, too. They can sing along, and I can reach out and grab their hands. It’s an amazing feeling of acceptance and love. You really are like a rock star; it’s complete and total awesomeness.

This summer, you interned with Gaslight Studio?
The big word I have for the experience is enlightening. I have been performing for a few years, but I’d never been part of the production side before. It was really cool to see the steps it takes to make a song into a finished piece. I write songs of my own, so I was familiar with that part of the process, but it was great to learn about recording and editing. There is a lot of thought that goes into each part, and it was a really big learning experience for me.

Is the technical side something that interests you?
Definitely. I want music production to be in my future, but I also want to continue performing. It would be awesome to write and produce my own songs.

What are some of your other hobbies?
I’m really interested in makeup and fashion. I love the online beauty community, and I learn a lot of techniques that I can use when creating looks for the stage. Outside of music, clothing is a way I express myself. I always try to wear something that goes beyond just a T-shirt and jeans.

As part of its sponsorship, Sport Court has made a donation to the Lafayette High School guitar program on behalf of Aden.