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Talk About Cellulite

Cellulite is a tough subject to tackle. More than 90% of women have it on their bodies, including many who are slim and athletic, according to Dr. Richard Moore of The Lifestyle Center. Cellulite causes the skin to look dimpled and uneven in places like the thighs, arms, buttocks and abdomen. A few different factors play into it, but there also are several treatment options, Moore says.

what causes cellulite?

  • Fibrous bands beneath the skin that pull the tissue inward in places
  • Fat cells that expand and push the skin outward at the same time
  • Lymph, a fluid found outside the body’s cells that can build up and cause tissues to expand
  • Loss of collagen and elastin in aging skin

how can it be treated?

  • Endermology, a temporary therapy that causes the fibrous bands under the skin to stretch and relax
  • Radiofrequency or laser energy treatments to heat and shrink fat cells
  • Cellfina, a minimally invasive procedure that releases the fibrous bands to remove dimpling
  • Off-label use of dermal fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse to strengthen skin and build collagen
  • Acoustic wave therapy, a device that uses pneumatic pressure to relax tissue fibers, enhance blood flow and reduce the effects of lymph
  • A combination of different treatments, depending on the patient’s needs. Moore adds that some patients may see results when they combine topical products like creams and lotions with in-office procedures, but the products usually don’t do much on their own. “There are some new treatments on the horizon, including a device that will combine acoustic wave therapy with radiofrequency energy,” he notes.

Whatever your needs, it’s important to talk with a qualified health professional to find out which option is best for you and dispel any misconceptions, Moore advises. “For example, some people confuse loose skin with cellulite, but they’re not the same thing,” he says. “Treatments that help with cellulite generally aren’t useful for sagging skin.”


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