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Tech Talk: Giving Made Easy

As we head toward the end of the year, giving graciously is top of mind for me. I work with many nonprofits and serve on various boards, so I often ask others to make financial donations to particular organizations. When I receive these requests myself, I tend to make a contribution if there is an easy way to give online. Today there are many websites that make it easy for organizations and individuals to get donations electronically. Here are a few that create a great experience for the donor.

A local startup,, has created a way for parents and companies to encourage their children and employees to give. The idea is to make giving a daily habit. Givable sends you an email every morning spotlighting two charities, and you choose where to direct your donation. You can start with as little as 25 cents a day, and there is an option to skip a day if the charities don’t inspire you. Imagine the impact if everyone started doing this daily!

If you want to positively influence kids’ education, check out Teachers and schools post their needs on the website, and you can select certain criteria to narrow the list down to projects that meet your giving criteria. Most are seeking under $1,000 in funding to make a difference in the classroom. It’s a great way to help teachers and students! is a platform that lets organizations raise money with the help of celebrities. Companies set up donation pages to encourage their employees to donate to a specific cause. There is a Celebrity Experiences section with names like Sean Penn, Lady Gaga and Seth Rogen who are raising money to help out their favorite charities. See if your favorite actor or singer is on there.

A few others include GoFundMe, Causes and You Caring, which raise funds for individuals in need or community projects. All present simple ways for you to make a difference in the lives of others. Making it easy to give is just another way technology impacts our lives. Of course, if you still prefer to write a big check, I promise it will be accepted!

Check out | Givolio ( to create an online giving portfolio

Try out | Need to save before giving? Try Acorns ( to help you stock away your funds.

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