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On the Road

This summer our family will be on the road almost every week heading off to baseball tournaments, weekend car racing events, mini vacations and work commitments. Somehow I went from being a plan-ahead kind of girl to a spur-of-the-moment one. I blame it on my carefree, ‘let life happen’ husband, who encouraged me to let go of my need to be completely organized before we head out the door. Thank goodness technology is making it easier to plan last minute!

If you don’t use to find the best airfare or hotel prices, I highly recommend it. Sometimes I will use one or two sites and wonder if I got the best deal possible. Kayak will allow you to compare which Orbitz, justfly, Priceline, Hotwire, Expedia and OneTravel discounts are available, plus it includes Southwest Airlines. For those of us who love a deal, this is a great way to find one, even last minute. Some newer sites competing in this area are Momondo and Jetsetter.

I recently had my first Hotwire hotel experience. It was amazing. I was able to stay in a unique, four-star hotel in Washington, D.C., for around $100 per night! It’s not for everyone, granted, since it is nerve-wracking to pay for a hotel without knowing which one it is and exactly where it’s located. (Although you can select the neighborhood you want to stay.) allows me to keep all my trip details organized in one place without searching through my emails or rifling through pieces of paper. One of the best features is how it allows you to notify others about your flight and hotel information. It also will sync with your calendar and alert you when you need to leave for the airport or if your flight is delayed.

No trip is complete without a wide range of entertainment and a way to capture those special moments. Don’t forget to charge your battery packs and take your charging devices with you. Nothing turns a trip upside down faster than when you’re driving in the middle of Kansas with no cell service, and the only options you have are the local radio stations. Also, beware of GPS navigation systems that offer alternative routes to avoid traffic; you never know where you’ll end up!

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