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The Perfect Tech Gift

With Mother’s Day approaching, I decided to compile a list of things I would want to receive, but might not buy for myself. First, I Googled around looking for the latest releases of my favorite gadgets. Then, I researched the highest-rated technology products on Amazon. Finally, I read several Top 10 gift lists. The result? The items below, which would make the perfect tech gift for Mom, Dad or your favorite graduate!

➧ Pebble Smartwatch: I am in love with the Pebble Time Round Silver Mesh Smartwatch. It is stylish and sleek but offers smartwatch functionality. The Pebble has both iPhone and Android (Google Play) apps that give you control over your watch. If you get a Pebble, be sure to get one of the newer ones, as the technology keeps improving. If you decide to buy a different brand of smartwatch, make sure you know what kind of phone it uses. Some watches are Android or Apple only.

➧ Bluesmart Carry-on Bag: This carry-on bag has a built-in charger and Global Positioning System (GPS). If you travel these days, you can only hope to be the lucky soul who finds an outlet available while sitting in the airport. No matter how many power packs you carry, they never seem to last long enough. This suitcase can charge your phone up to six times. It also has a GPS tracker that alerts you if you walk away and forget to take it with you. Some other cool features include easy access to your laptop and a digital lock.

➧ Amazon Echo: If you watched the Super Bowl 2016 commercials, you know all about Amazon Echo. The slim, cylinder device is not only a speaker, but it also takes voice commands just like your phone to play music, maintain times and alarms, access news and weather, and more. All you need is Wi-Fi access and a computer, tablet or smartphone to set up the initial features. It can also integrate with Philips Hue Lights and Belkin WeMo Switches to control your home settings and electronics.

➧ iPad Pro, 9.7 inches: Apple continues to take the computing power of the MAC desktop down to the thin, sleek design of the iPad Pro. The new 9.7-inch version is still small enough to curl up with and read your favorite novel, but also powerful enough to get your daily job done. This is sure to replace many laptops soon. Who needs a clunky laptop when you can carry around this light, powerful device instead?

There are many ways to spoil that special person in your life, but who doesn’t love having the latest tech gadget to show off? Let us know which great technology gadget you’ve found to be the perfect gift!

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