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The Beauty of Motherhood

They say becoming a mom changes everything. Does it ever! When it comes to your beauty routine, suddenly taking care of you has to take a back seat to taking care of baby. I caught up with three local moms (one of them Town&Style’s managing editor) to find out how they balance their self-care regimens during the different stages of motherhood.

kelsey huels, new mom to a 2-month-old
T&S: What is your beauty routine like since having a baby?
KH: I hardly have a daily beauty routine! Being home with my son on maternity leave gives me little reason to do much, but when I do, it’s definitely harder. If no one is home with me, I drag his Rock-and-Play into the bathroom to shower and do my hair and makeup. If he starts fussing, I have to do my makeup one-handed and hold him!

T&S: What’s your best beauty advice for new moms?
KH: Take a little time to focus on yourself. Bring the baby into the bathroom with you, shave your legs and just relax in the water. If someone is home, give them the baby and get yourself dolled up. I definitely feel so much better when I put on a little makeup and something other than sweatpants!

T&S: What has surprised you the most as a new mom in terms of self-care and beauty?
KH: You really do put yourself on the back burner. You’re so focused on the needs of your new baby, you tend to forget or just not care about yourself. You’re so sleep-deprived that sleeping is all you want to do when you have free time.

egle gherardini , mom to a 4- and 7-year-old
T&S: What advice do you have for moms with young kids who want to look put together but don’t have lots of time?
EG: First, don’t be hard on yourself and know that people see less flaws in you than you do. Second, a little bit of mascara and lip gloss go a long way.
T&S: What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed in your beauty routine since having children?
EG: I spend less time on myself. My hair is always down or in a ponytail because I just don’t have the time or energy to do anything else. I also wear less makeup, but I wear SPF religiously.
T&S: Did your routine change since the kids started school?
EG: Yes, little by little, I started to spend more time on my self-care. I exercise more, and go for massages and pedicures regularly. I also bought a couple of new eyeshadow palettes and am trying new looks.

karyn williams, mom to a 5- and 8-year-old
T&S: Tell me about your daily beauty routine. How does it differ from your nighttime makeup and hair routine?
KW: I have three basics: mascara, blush and undereye concealer. Chapstick is my go-to for lips to keep them moisturized, or a quick swipe of a pale pink or nude lip color. I like a blush cream stick over powder because it lasts all day. My hair is straight, so I can just leave it as is. Dry shampoo helps create volume, so I’ll use that some days on my roots. If I’m going out at night, I play up my eyes more with eyeshadow and usually wear lipstick.

T&S: What are your must-have beauty products?
KW: I have tried tons of mascaras, and my tried-and-true brand is L’Oreal. It’s inexpensive but works the best for volume and extension. I love Oribe dry shampoo, and my Chapstick! I use it multiple times throughout the day and always at night before bed. L’Occitane hand or body lotion is a nice splurge.

T&S: After having more than one child, did you notice a difference in your beauty routine?
KW: I’ve always kept my beauty routine simple, so not much changed from one to two; more changed when I started working again. Because I’m not just going to the gym or hanging out at home, I want to look a little more put together. If I had to pick only one thing makeup-wise, it would be mascara.