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Trend Report from L.A.: 10.7.20

loving loungewear
Loungewear is having a moment. While the days of Juicy Couture velour tracksuits are long gone, matching loungewear is no longer tacky or meant to be worn solely at home. Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS is a shapewear and loungewear company that has redefined how we think about this category of clothing. SKIMS’ Cozy Collection of yarn-knit tops, bell bottoms, shorts and robes look as cozy as they feel. Wear in the comfort of your own home or pair pieces with denim for a casual take on this comfy trend.

bye, bye booze
We’ve all heard of “Dry January.” But what about “sober curious?” The notion of going sober is no longer associated with addiction or religion. Instead, becoming sober by choice has been dubbed “sober curious,” and this trend is on the rise in California. Giving up alcohol has tremendous health benefits, and companies are taking note. Rock Grace’s Crystal Elixir and Lagunitas’ Hoppy Refresher are just two examples of non-alcoholic, cocktail-inspired options for those who have gone dry butwant to drink in social settings. Adulthood without the hangover? Sign me up!

a new way to shave
We sit in ergonomic chairs, we use ergonomic makeup brushes. What about shaving with an ergonomic razor? Aveline Razor has redefined the female shaving experience with its ergonomically designed handle, easy push-button blade replacement and built-in stand. Best yet, Aveline does not charge a pink tax. While other women’s razor companies charge extra for the same product used by men and white label their razors, Aveline offers a truly unique product at a fair price point. 

sleeping beauty
We all need more sleep. And nobody takes that more seriously than the folks over at Flora + Bast. Their Age Adapting Sleep Tincture is made to help those of us who struggle with falling asleep. It includes ingredients like organic cannabis sativa oil that aren’t just a trendy marketing ploy but a proven, natural remedy to catch a few much-needed extra zzz’s. Best of all, the tincture doubles as a face serum to combat signs of aging. If only more companies would take beauty sleep more literally… 

pearly whites
Your grandmother’s pearls are starting to look a lot trendier. Thanks to millennial-targeted jewelry companies like Catbird and celebrities like Harry Styles, pearls are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Layer them with a solid gold chain or bust out your freshwater pearl necklace solo … there’s no wrong way to embrace this trend. Except for wearing your pearls with a popped collar. That’s a trend that should never see the light of day.


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