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Well-Lit Living: Holt Lighting Depot

A romantic dinner. A cozy night by the fire. A cheerful kitchen. A serene, brightly lit office space. The perfect spaces and the perfect environments all have one thing in common: lighting that’s well-suited to the task at hand. To achieve that, you need expert advice from people who understand lighting from the inside out. That’s something Holt Lighting Depot knows how to provide, having been in the lighting and electrical business for more than 60 years.

Whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor space, Holt can help, says lighting showroom manager Carla Hunigan. “We work with architects, designers, homeowners and builders, and carry everything from affordable to specialty and designer options,” she says. The 5,000-square-foot showroom features approximately 200 brands, ensuring customers can find the lighting they need, no matter their taste or budget. And there is never a delivery fee, she adds. “Our selection is unmatched, and we make sure our showroom isn’t a single note—we always have an eclectic range of options,” Hunigan says. “Our showroom, located in the city, has a loft-like feeling to it—it’s refreshing and so different than walking into a big box retailer.”

Holt has been a trusted name for more than six decades, Hunigan says. The company, which originated as Holt Electrical Supplies, is currently run by a father-son team: Sylvan and Ryan Holtzman. The lighting showroom opened four years ago, after the company discovered a need among its customers for quality fixtures and experienced guidance. Now, the family runs both businesses, lighting and electrical supplies, concurrently.

A benefit for shoppers at Holt Lighting is the variety of unique lighting inventory that can’t easily be found elsewhere, such as dimmer switches and lighting controls. One particularly popular specialty item is versatile LED tape lights. “We’re able to put this in most places lights can’t usually fit, such as underneath a vanity,” Hunigan says. “The tape also can be used in display areas, such as glass in upper cabinets, or it can be used for cove lighting.”

To determine what goes into the lighting showroom, Hunigan pays close attention to her customers. “I find out what they want and what they’re interested in, and I keep on top of the trends,” she says. “I’m involved with the local design community and am always looking and listening.”

The best lighting takes into consideration everything about a room, including its function, size and layout, she adds. Most shoppers could use more than a little guidance about this, so Holt Lighting Depot delivers personalized, boutique-level attention and expert advice to each and every customer to ensure they walk away with the optimal choice. “Our staff consists of professional lighting consultants and works with customers one-on-one,” Hunigan says. “They all have formal education and years of experience when it comes to understanding the architectural and design elements of lighting. We know the right questions to ask to lead customers toward making the right decisions for their unique space. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident with their choices, whether they’re spending $100 on one fixture or $10,000 on a whole home.”

Pictured: Carla Hunigan, Ryan Holtzman, Sylvan Holtzman
Photo: Bill Barrett

[Holt Lighting Depot, located at 1943 S. Vandeventer Ave., is a full-service showroom with hundreds of brands and innovative options at all prices. For more information, call 314.533.2227 or visit]