• I Do! Neuner & Livingston WeddingJanuary 4th, 2017

    Rachel Neuner says her December 2016 wedding was a festive combination of family history and holiday sparkle. She and her husband, Charles Livingston, met through a dating …Read More

  • Raise Our House Out of the GutterJanuary 3rd, 2017

    Dear Homework,
    We want to remove the large shade tree to the right of our garage, which has made us wonder if there are some ideas you could suggest to enhance the early ’60s …Read More

  • Succulents: Winter WondersJanuary 3rd, 2017

    winter wonders
    When winter arrives and your green thumb is itching to dig in the dirt and tend something in the garden, you always can rely on succulents to satisfy your urge. …Read More

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