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9801 Log Cabin Court, Ladue

from the homeowners | The owners of this luxurious property were attracted to it instantly nearly 20 years ago when they were looking for a spacious home for their young family. Now that their sons are older, the couple plans to downsize and pass it to another family in search of open spaces, fine finishes and unique features. “My husband has great design sensibilities, and we have enjoyed adding on to the house and outfitting it to our tastes,” the owner says. “We have made many improvements to it over the years.

What were your first impressions of the home?
I grew up in Ladue, so I was familiar with the area, and my husband and I came across the house one day as we were looking around the neighborhood. The owner was there and asked if we would like to see inside. It’s much bigger than it appears from the street—once we walked in, the floor plan seemed to go on and on! We could see that it was a wonderful house, and we bought it soon afterward.

What do you appreciate most about the area?
It’s a wonderful environment to raise a family. The property sits on three acres, so it’s secluded, and I loved the fact that it was easy to keep an eye on our young kids while they played outside. Also, the neighborhood is gated, and that gave me peace of mind.

Did you welcome guests often?
Yes, the house is well suited to entertaining and overnight visitors. There is a fully outfitted carriage house where our friends and family stayed, and the home was a favorite destination for our sons’ friends. Their classmates enjoyed taking formal pictures outdoors with the fountains in the background. And when we had evening guests, we would start with cocktails at the bar on the lower level, then serve dinner and let people walk through the house and eat wherever they liked. The home is wonderful for holiday parties.

Has it been comfortable during the pandemic?
It has been a perfect place to shelter during the crisis. We have felt very fortunate because the house has a gym, indoor pool, game room and everything else we needed to stay comfortable at home. Two of our sons had to return from college, but the house is so spacious that everyone could have their own work or study spaces. You can swim, work out or use the Jacuzzi and sauna but still enjoy your privacy.

Talk about a particularly interesting feature.
The custom flooring on the lower level and in the carriage house is made of concrete, geodes and gemstones, and it lights up in the evening. My husband always had a vision of that kind of floor, and he made it happen when we moved in.

from the agents
“Easily one of the most fascinating residential compounds in all of St. Louis.”
—Wayne Norwood and Ben Patton

List price: $5,400,000
Listing agents: Wayne Norwood and Ben Patton
Agency: Janet MCAfee Real Estate
Phone: 314.997.4800 | 314.629.3931

Photos: Peaks View LLC