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A Perfect Pairing: Clayton Winehouse

When artist Kevin Glazer stepped into Clayton Winehouse, he saw an opportunity for something truly unique. Located at 7911 Clayton Road, the shop offers not only a large selection of both old and new world wines, premium spirits and snacks, but it also features gathering spaces and regularly hosts wine tastings and other events. Glazer was there to finalize the sale of some of his artwork to co-owner Sean Boles, but he came away with the idea for something much bigger. On July 15, the store will present Eden 2.0, an exclusive local showing of some of Glazer’s most recent work.

“Clayton Winehouse is a very unique place,” notes Oriana Martinez, wine educator and event coordinator. “No other retail stores compare to it in St. Louis. We offer a bit of everything, and it’s a great place to learn more about wine in a relaxed, casual environment.” The shop is locally owned by Boles and his business partners Tim Missey and Chris Kolemainen. The latter also serves as Clayton Winehouse’s general manager, bringing expertise in wine and spirits developed while working at The Wine and Cheese Place in Rock Hill.

Along with its retail selection, the store also features a patio space and wine bar, which has a constantly changing menu of wines that can be sampled by the glass or in flights. Customers also have the option to open and enjoy any bottle they purchase. “We have space both up and downstairs for events,” Martinez says. “Along with holding private parties, we also host our own. We have wine and bourbon tastings twice a month and themed open houses centered on specific types of wine and spirits.”

The unique aesthetic of the shop sparked Glazer’s creative interest. As an artist, he is always on the lookout for out-of-the-box venues to showcase his work. “I find non-traditional spaces very inspiring,” he says. “My work is light and easy to install, so it is perfect for a pop-up exhibit. In a traditional gallery, you wouldn’t be able to do a one-night show like this. It offers a new creative landscape to connect people with the common thread of art. It also is a great way to introduce Clayton Winehouse to people who may not know about it yet.”

The work featured in Eden 2.0 was inspired by the search for happiness and the seven deadly sins. “The Garden of Eden was the original happiest place on earth, and I wanted to spark a conversation between that archaic concept and a modern point of view,” Glazer explains. The show will feature pieces owned by Boles, and this will be the only opportunity for the public to view them. After the event, the rest of Eden 2.0 will be available for purchase through the William Shearburn Gallery and then head to Los Angeles for an exhibit in September.

Martinez notes that Clayton Winehouse’s modern atmosphere and layout makes it the perfect fit for Glazer’s work. To further celebrate this convergence of creativity and wine, the shop has chosen special wine pairings to match each art piece. “Art and wine are always a great combo,” she says. “This is the perfect opportunity to grab a glass, enjoy some unique artwork and spend time with friends and family.

Clayton Winehouse offers a curated selection of wine, spirits and food. On July 15, it is hosting Eden 2.0, an art and wine event featuring the work of Kevin Glazer. Pictured on the cover: Oriana Martinez, Chris Kolemainen. For more information about Clayton Winehouse, call 314.449.6291 or visit claytonwinehouse.com. For more information on Kevin Glazer’s art, contact the William Shearburn Gallery at 314.367.8020 or shearburngallery.com.

Cover design by Julie Streiler
Cover photo by Tim Parker Photography

Pictured at top: Artwork by Keven Glazer on display at Clayton Winehouse
Photo: Tim Parker Photography


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