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Hooked on Books: 5.18.22

The Maid: A Novel by Nita Prose | This surprising mystery features an untraditional heroine who looks at life quite literally. I can usually figure out the ‘who’ within the first few chapters of a whodunit. Not this book. It is both interesting and heartwarming. I know it is a Good Morning America pick, but don’t let its popularity turn you off.

A Little Hope: A Novel by Ethan Joella 
Is it good when a book causes you to panic a bit as it runs out of pages? Well, this one did. A mixture of sadness and hope within interweaving stories makes for a very quick read. Yes, this is a Today Show pick—sorry for again following the popular crowd, but it certainly deserves the recognition. Read the last few pages with a tissue!

Nowhere Girl: A Memoir of a Fugitive Childhood by Cheryl Diamond
Let’s all take a minute and thank our parents for not being the two featured in this book. A story of two people who kept their family on the run for dubious reasons and the chaotic life it caused. This is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. We should all have a bit of this author’s grit.

Creative Quest by Ahmir Questlove Thompson
An odd choice for me, I know, but I’m challenging myself by reading different types of books this year. Questlove is the bandleader of The Roots, the official house band on The Tonight Show. In his book, this creative genius shares his insights and stories to get your juices flowing. Will I ever be a Questlove? No, but he sure is inspiring.


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