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Hooked on Books: 6.22.22

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley | I previously reviewed this author’s book The Guest List and loved it. I feel the same way about this one. I read it in a day—I couldn’t put it down and needed to finish it before I went to sleep. It’s a story about the people who live in an apartment building and takes place over just a few days.

Bone Deep: Untangling the Betsy Faria Murder Case by Charles Bosworth  and Joel Schwartz 
You may not recognize the name of the woman who was murdered, but if I said Pam Hupp, you would know what case I’m talking about. While it has been covered extensively by the press, this book offers a look at it from the point of view of the attorney representing the wrongly convicted Russ Faria. You will be left scratching your head at the injustices this man faced and the long-term damage it caused to a grieving family.

Do You Mind If I Cancel by Gary Janetti 
You might not know Gary, but he has been a writer for a variety of TV series. I found him on Instagram and became a fan because he says all the stuff I think but would never have the nerve to utter. His book is about him growing up and the struggle of being the odd kid who didn’t quite fit in. It’ll make you laugh out loud.

Tell Me Everything: The Story of a Private Investigation by Erika Krouse 
The author has one of those faces—you know, the kind that people just feel forced to confide in, so they do. She also happens to be a private investigator working on a huge sexual assault case involving a Division One college football team. But the story isn’t just about the investigation. She weaves in her own personal narrative, which would be a compelling read on its own.


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