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Keeping Up with Karen: 12.4.19

Welcome to December, my friends, and the ‘frenzy’ that can ensue if we let it. Admittedly, most of us would like to be on the giving or receiving end of that perfectly wrapped present (like in our favorite movies). But what I’ve learned, especially over the past few years, is that the best gift of all is one that can’t be bought: the gift of connection. The feeling is
contagious in the best way possible.

Through my new position here at T&S, I have added new connections and enjoyed reconnections, all while being grateful for my old connections! Who knew a status update on LinkedIn and Facebook would be the catalyst for supportive messages and a much overdue coffee date with a dear friend? I know social media can get a bad rap, but it also can bridge time and space in ways we never could have imagined.

My goal this holiday season, and as we start a new decade, is to continue to carve out time for everyone who makes up my tribe, pack, squad or circle (insert your noun of choice here) because human interactions matter. They energize me to think, feel and do outside of my comfort zone.

So, as you read this in between your many ‘to do’ lists this season, I hope you remember that the gift of undivided attention is one size fits all, looks great on everyone and requires no gift receipt!