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Market Insight: Gladys Manion Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, the market is experiencing historic demand, but that can shift in the blink of an eye. That’s why it’s more important than ever for buyers and sellers to find the right agents to help them navigate these unprecedented circumstances. “The key is to be adaptable and constantly stay in touch with where the market is day to day,” notes real estate agent Christopher Klages. As one half of the Manzer | Klages team of Gladys Manion Real Estate, he and his partner Keith Manzer lead clients through the process, so they can avoid the stress and anxiety that often comes with buying or selling a home.

Klages joined Gladys Manion Real Estate as a full-time agent at the end of 2020. “Keith approached me to form a partnership because he saw that we had very similar approaches to how we work,” he says. “It was an excellent growth opportunity for me, and both of us would be able to expand our business.” Klages’ background is in finance, giving him a different perspective when it comes to crunching numbers for sales. “He has a very analytical approach, while I enjoy many of the marketing aspects,” Manzer says. “We’re 50/50 partners, so we both do a bit of everything. We gelled effortlessly without having to dictate who was going to do what.”

With a 39-year real estate career, Manzer has decades of experience to share with Klages, but that doesn’t mean he’s not also learning from their partnership. “There is so much innovation in technology right now,” he notes. “Chris brings a lot of digital expertise, which has become very important.” Klages adds that the success of the team is built on their ability to work together. “We’re very active in communicating to make sure we’re on the same page,” he says. “That extends to our clients as well. Whether they’re buying or selling a home, we are in constant contact to make sure the transaction best benefits them.”

Manzer and Klages are both dedicated to serving St. Louis. Since Gladys Manion Real Estate is a local, family-owned company, they’re also grateful for the support the community has shown them in return. “In many major cities, it’s the bigger national brands that have a stronger grasp on the market, but St. Louis supports local businesses, and that’s important,” Manzer says. “This city is like a big small town. Most of our clients are referral based, and we love to get involved in the community we work in. We both enjoy contributing to charity and donating our time.”

For Manzer | Klages, the homes are at the heart of all they do. The team is dedicated to marketing clients’ properties so they reach the right buyers. “We always make sure to spotlight what makes every home special, so buyers know it’s the house for them instead of one down the street,” Manzer notes. “We always have a unique plan for what we’re doing with a listing, and when you work with us, Chris and I are with you every step of the process.” Klages agrees: “Whether it’s a $200,000 or a $2 million listing, the home comes first.”

Supported by Gladys Manion Real Estate, the Manzer | Klages team is dedicated to helping both buyers and sellers navigate the real estate market. Pictured on the cover: Keith Manzer and Christopher Klages. For more information, visit manzerklages.com or call Klages at 314.445.8220 and Manzer at 314.609.3155.

Cover design by Julie Streiler
Cover Photo courtesy of Gladys Manion Real Estate

Pictured at top: 850 Kent Road, a previous Manzer | Klages luxury listing
Photo courtesy of Gladys Manion Real Estate


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