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Movie Review: Ready or Not

A white wedding turns into a bloody nightmare in this horror comedy. The groom (Mark O’Brien) is part of the Le Domas family, gaming magnates who went from printing playing cards during the Civil War to owning sports franchises today. His bride, Grace (played winningly by Samara Weaving), is a former foster kid who is anxious to ingratiate herself with her intimidating in-laws. As part of a long-held tradition, she must join the family for a game on their wedding night (at midnight, naturally). What starts as a simple round of hide-and-seek quickly becomes a deadly fight for survival as the Le Domases arm themselves to hunt down Grace before dawn.

The film nicely juxtaposes moments of high tension with levity, and the balance tends more toward dark humor than horror, mostly thanks to the ineptitude of the blue-blooded bogeymen. The Le Domas clan (which includes Henry Czerny, Andie MacDowell and Adam Brody, perfectly cast as the groom’s sardonic, alcoholic older brother) aren’t actually prepared to hunt and kill Grace. They’re preoccupied with searching YouTube for crossbow tutorials, popping a variety of pills and making an 8 a.m. tee time. As satire, it all can be a little blunt and offers little insight. Still, Ready or Not is an entertaining ride, and you just might find yourself rethinking that next family dinner.

Should you see it? Yes. If you’re game, it offers a good (if gruesome) time. — S.W.
Viewed at Marcus Ronnie’s Cinema


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