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Movie Review: The Gentlemen

If you’ve ever been tempted to pigeonhole Matthew McConaughey or Hugh Grant for their past rom-com roles, you might enjoy this film as something of a reality check. It’s a world apart from their earlier turns as cute, clever leading men falling hopelessly in love with Jennifer Lopez or Sandra Bullock.

The story centers on Mickey Pearson (McConaughey), a big-time marijuana grower looking to unload his UK business for hundreds of millions of dollars. He needs to find a buyer because cannabis is expected to become legal before long, and once that happens, his shady corner on the market will go up in smoke. (The operation is not just underground in the figurative sense—Mickey’s holdings include a huge below-surface bunker where thousands of plants are grown.) There are twisting side plots, and the action can be bloody and hard to follow, but private investigator Fletcher (Grant) recounts the details in his flash-forward conversations with Raymond (Charlie Hunnam), Mickey’s right-hand man.

As Fletcher, Grant sheds his posh London accent for a much more blue-collar tone, and Colin Farrell is funny as an Irish fight trainer in league with Mickey’s potential buyer. The film’s only female presence is Mickey’s wife Rosalind, played by Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey fame. Her role is a departure as well, showcasing her skills with sharp, gritty dialogue. Guy Ritchie writes, produces and directs.

Should you see it? Yes, it’s fun to see actors step outside of their stereotypes. – J.J.
Viewed at AMC Esquire 7

Opens January 24, 2020


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