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Not So Deep Thoughts: 12.5.18

book » Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell 
Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell. So can it still be a well written mystery when you figure it out halfway through? Absolutely. Especially when you can’t put the book down because you must see how everything plays out in the end. This one has to be made into a movie!

tv » The Good Cop. Netflix.
Who doesn’t need a little Tony Danza in their lives? Tony plays a dirty ex-cop living with his son, who is a by-the-book officer. The show is funny, including the way Josh Groban is forced to wear his hair, and the interaction between father and son feels real. You won’t learn anything, but you will laugh.

app » Swing Tennis Tracker.
Tennis, anyone? Swing is a smart coach and social network for tennis players. Using your Apple Watch, you can track your swing speed, rotation rate, and shot type to improve your strokes. Swing can crunch your match stats so you can assess your performance in real time. Coaches and parents also can track students’ match scores and data on an iPhone or iPad.