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Not So Deep Thoughts: 6.13.18

tv » the joel mchale show with joel mchale on Netflix.
If you miss The Soup from its days on the E! Network, this show is for you. Joel McHale is a snarky smart aleck who mocks pop culture, reality TV and even TV news programs. At times, it makes you uncomfortable, but you end up laughing. Each episode, a celebrity participates in a sketch to promote his or her latest project. It is 20 minutes of your life wasted, but you will chuckle the entire time.

book » the flight attendant by Chris Bohjalian.
What happens if you wake up next to a dead man in a foreign country? This book takes you through the mysterious unraveling of a flight attendant’s worst nightmare. Cassie loves the bottle a little too much, which causes her to black out and have memory lapses, but somehow the pieces all fit together in a rather surprising ending. A quick read, maybe perfect for your next overseas flight to Dubai?

podcast » lore on Spotify and iTunes.
I think part of the podcast’s description sums it up better than I can: Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction. This addictive show takes a look at folklore that is actually true, which might send shivers down your spine. I don’t suggest listening to this before bed.