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Off the Cuff with Claiborne: Jim Edmonds

Whether you’re a baseball fan or regular sports watcher, you’re probably familiar with Jim Edmonds. The former Cardinals center fielder and current FOX Sports Midwest broadcaster is no stranger to the limelight. Now, he’s chatting with T&S about his personal style, how he’s spending the pandemic and his new Frontenac home.

What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?
That I’m retired and need to get back to it.

Are you working harder now in retirement than you were before?
It’s a different job. I am working hard. I know what it’s like to be a stay-at-home dad. It’s tough, probably the hardest job in the world.

You just built a beautiful home here. Why St. Louis over L.A., Florida, Texas or some Caribbean island?
I hate L.A., plus the taxes are too high. My kids are in school here in Missouri, and I enjoy working for the Cardinals and FOX. The only other place I would want to live is somewhere where there is nobody else. Probably on a boat because I just want to keep to myself.

How have you been spending the pandemic?
I go to the grocery store a lot and cook at the house. I do a lot of bowling and hitting at the batting cage.

Are you a better cook than you used to be?
Oh yeah, way better, especially cooking for a family. I’ve learned a lot being in a new relationship with someone who cooks more and spending time with my oldest daughter.

What’s the one dish that has Jim Edmonds’ fingerprints all over it?
Barbecuing is probably my specialty. Making steaks, chicken or hamburgers gets me out of the kitchen and into the fresh air. I can have my beer and be left alone.

Wine, whiskey, beer, bourbon or other?
I’m either beer or tequila. 

Other than being on TV, when was the last time you wore a necktie?
Lou Brock’s funeral.

What is your go-to apparel for social and formal events?
For a social event, probably anything that I don’t have to tuck in with jeans. I’m getting used to formal events. Working on TV has taught me how to dress it up a little bit. I would probably go with a nice white shirt and a sport coat.

Favorite athlete you enjoy watching who is not in a Cardinals uniform?
Right now, Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady for football. In the past, I would say Ken Griffey Jr. For a few years, I also enjoyed watching the Golden State Warriors.

One meal that makes you happy that you can only find in St. Louis.
Paul Manno’s.

Is your new house your last house, and does it have everything you want a house to have?
It’s not my last house because it’s too big to have when the kids are gone. It has everything that I need and, hopefully, everything the kids need.

What did you say “I gotta have this” about when building the house?
You know what’s funny? I don’t have anything here for me. It’s all for the kids. There’s no crazy theater, bar with a tap or man cave. There is nothing special about it for an adult, but there is a bowling alley, batting cage and basketball court. I built a turf field off to the side for a putting green, but I haven’t been out to use it. I don’t really play golf anymore because of the kids. It’ll probably be another thing they use that I don’t.

How good of a bowler are you?
Getting better.

What is the one thing around the house you would like to be better at?
Personality, maybe more patience.

You have a new significant other.
Kortnie is an amazing woman. For the first time in a long time, I’m happy. She lets me be myself, and we get along really well. She’s from my neck of the woods back in California, so we kind of have the same type of personality. She’s great with the kids, and they love her.