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Who in their right mind would take their dad to Burning Man? More importantly, who would agree to appear on the reality TV show Temptation Island when you are a good-looking guy with a thriving dental practice? That would be Blake Eyres, D.D.S., a St. Louisian looking for love, marriage and, eventually, kids.

Temptation Island features four couples who aren’t quite sure if their relationships are solid, so they head to a tropical location (Maui, this season) where they are thrown together with a bunch of beautiful eligible men and women to see what happens. Blake actually was recruited to be one of the show’s sexy singles. A casting director reached out to him via Instagram to see if he might be interested in participating in a different show. Blake vetted the casting director to make sure he was legit, but the first show didn’t work out. The casting director then reached out with an offer to be on Temptation Island. Since it was the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the timing was finally right for Blake to step away from his practice.

For the two weeks Blake was in quarantine, he watched season two of the show. This gave him a pretty good idea of how the game was played. He knew he was unlikely to find love but wanted to do this for the experience and adventure. While he did make it to the final bonfire, he told his potential love interest ahead of time that he would not be pursuing anything after the show.

What the show doesn’t let audiences in on is the boredom that many of the contestants feel. They are cut off from family and friends for five weeks. No books are allowed; there is no gym for workouts; it’s just a lot of hurry up and wait. I wanted lots more details, but sadly, Blake can’t talk about everything.

Still, he was a good sport and willing to play a quick round of fast questions/answers.

Mark L. Wahlberg is the host. Were you disappointed it wasn’t Marky Mark?
Initially. But Mark was my favorite person, really the nicest guy.

Do they make you take your shirt off?
No, but it is really hot in Maui.

How did your patients react? 
They loved it.

Did your friends make fun of you?
Yes. Every Tuesday was like a panic attack about what they were going to watch.

How many women slide into your DMs?
Too many to count. I wish I could have made a coffee table book out of them.

What is the best toothpaste?
Crest or Colgate. Anything with the ADA seal.

I will be honest, during our entire interview, I kept waiting for Blake to say something that brought some reality TV drama. Nothing. Just a nice, smart guy. So, I offered my services to set him up with a few women. Well, he currently is seeing someone. I asked if she was the one. ‘No comment’.  I can confirm he has not yet been to a jewelry store! You can follow him on Instagram @dr.blakeeyre


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