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Spring onto the Market

Spring brings with it sunshine, flowers and a busy real estate market! Those looking to sell know to declutter, give the walls a fresh coat of paint, and update hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms. But what are buyers looking at that homeowners often forget about? We asked local agents for their top tips to get your house market-ready.

janet horlacher, janet mcafee real estate

  • Summer clothes look better in closets than winter ones. Remove bulky, dark sweaters and coats, and get a pack of skinny, felt hangers to display bright, thin, summer items. It will look neater, and the closet will seem brighter and bigger.
  • People forget to switch out old or low-wattage light bulbs. Your home’s first showing is online where photos mean everything. The right lighting will make your house look infinitely better.
  • Decorate your home for your neighborhood’s target buyers. For example, I’m an empty nester, so my fourth bedroom has been converted into a second-floor study. It works for me, but the neighborhood I live in attracts young families. If I sell my house, I’ll want to furnish that room as a bedroom because buyers are more likely looking for that.

sabrina robb, robb partners, keller williams realty st. louis

  • Most people think depersonalizing their home means removing only personal photos, but it’s more than that. The focus should be on the architecture and details of the house, so you want to remove anything that might be distracting, including any standout art pieces or decor.
  • Sellers need to be aware of how their home looks in professional photos. For example, I was working on a house with a large area rug in one room. In person, it was obvious that it was a rug, but in photos, it made the room look like it had wall-to-wall carpet instead of hardwood floors.
  • An outdoor entertaining space is always important, and you need to make sure the exterior is showcased properly. Sometimes this means addressing issues you have learned to live with. If your home is impacted by highway noise, install a water feature in the backyard to offset it and preemptively address potential objections from buyers.

aimee simpson, gladys manion real estate 

  • A lot of people focus on curb appeal but forget about the front door because they don’t use it often. But it’s one of the first things buyers see, so make sure the area is clean, and consider simple updates like a fresh coat of paint.
  • Organization is important, and it’s key that sellers don’t put it off. Garages, basements and closets need to be neat and tidy because buyers will notice if they’re not.
  • Have a third party walk through the house and give you opinions. It could be someone with a design background or a professional stager. They can give you tips on organization, furniture placement, color schemes and more. Having a fresh set of eyes can make a big difference.
  • Make sure your yard looks appealing no matter the season. You may think it doesn’t matter when the weather is cold, but buyers are still looking.