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Summer Opportunities Fair 2022

Temperatures may continue to dip below freezing for a little while longer, but summer will be here before we know it. The sun will start shining, the days will get longer, and school will let out. That prompts the often dreaded question: What are the kids going to do? Thanks to the annual Summer Opportunities Fair, parents can find activities that cater to any interest, stimulate intellectual and personal growth, promote physical activity and, of course, provide the chance to just have some fun.

T&S reached out to two camp directors to learn a little more about the event’s offerings for 2022. Due to the pandemic, this year’s Summer Opportunities Fair will be held in a virtual format. For more information on all participating camps, visit

Photo courtesy of Girls in the Know

girls in the know
For girls age 9 to 13, Girls in the Know offers an unique opportunity to engage with professional women about a variety of important topics. “Our mission is all about empowering girls with a strong sense of self so they have the tools to understand their own value,” executive director Gina Marten says. “The program is designed to prepare girls to navigate their teen years.” The organization’s camp offers workshops led by licensed professionals. Topics covered include empowerment, healthy body image, safety and puberty.

While Girls in the Know offers programming all year, its summer camp provides the chance to explore these topics more in depth. Marten notes that the issues girls face as they become young adults have only been exacerbated by the pandemic over the last two years. “Everyone is dealing with more stress and anxiety, and greater reliance on devices and technology has amplified the pressure and influence of social media,” she explains. “We provide a safe space for girls to build connections and begin important conversations. Camp is a place where we can come together.”

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Photo courtesy of Cub Creek Science Camp

cub creek science camp
If you’ve got a budding veterinarian at home, Cub Creek Science Camp is the perfect option. Located on a 300-acre exotic animal ranch just north of Rolla, Missouri, the camp is home to more than 300 animals of more than 100 different species. “We have our own zoo that was designed for campers to have unique encounters,” founder and director Lori Martin says. There also is an adopt an animal program that allows participants to work more closely with the animal of their choosing, such as lemurs, llamas and miniature horses.

Cub Creek is known for its STEM programming, which includes chemistry, physics and ecology. Traditional camp activities also are offered, such as hiking, archery and a ropes course that includes rock climbing and a zip line. “With the pandemic, kids are suffering with isolation, but camp is a place where they can head outdoors and bond with friends,” Martin says. “We operated in 2020 and 2021 despite the craziness of COVID-19. Our goal is to provide kids an escape where they can have a fantastic time.”

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