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Wedding Inspiration

Getting hitched. Tying the knot. Taking the plunge. Whatever you call the occasion, your wedding should be the most memorable day of your life. Even if you’re something of a traditionalist, there are plenty of ways to enliven the experience with fun, eclectic touches.

gilded notions
Royal weddings are global events these days, so hop on the bandwagon with pageantry, long trains, sparkling fabrics, billowy sleeves, tiaras and more.

screen gems
If you’re a fan of shows like Game of Thrones or Harry Potter, work in a few subtle but clever decorative touches from the story line.

makes scents
Your sense of smell is closely linked to memory, so try a subtle, custom fragrance in the form of candles, essential oils and spritzes for your invitations.

special sites
Breweries and wineries are still trending, but ranches, farms and greenhouses are gaining popularity as well.

Upgrade your reception with unique lighting ideas, from handmade taper candles to a colorful neon installation.

tune it up
You don’t have to pick one style of music for the reception. Hire a DJ to spin your top titles and a live guitarist or saxophonist to accompany the songs.

rethink the registry
Who says you have to sign up for plates, champagne glasses and a Dutch oven? Instead,  register for zip lining, a wine tour or a puppy fund!

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