At a Loss in Town and Country

Dear Homework,
I am at a loss about how to go about updating the entry of my house. The ’70s-era, brick Southern Colonial could use a new front door, walkways and landscaping, but I’m not sure how to pull it all together. What would you suggest?

—At a Loss in Town and Country

Dear At a Loss in Town and Country,
Let’s start with the front door and its surrounding trim. I show a new windowed front door with aligned side lights. I suggest surrounding that with carefully crafted classical pilasters and a pediment. Paint all of this white, except for the simple black lanterns, and finish it off with two large simple urns. This gives the front door a timeless, rather than ’70s, feel, which is always a good thing.

After that, I would re-do the walkway in a patterned limestone or even concrete of a similar pattern. I would cover the front porch with a matching material. Finally, huge stone urns surrounded by a simple bed of ivy help frame the classical composition.

These changes bring a more authentic Southern Colonial feel to the presentation while at the same time imparting a perception of high quality.

Hope that helps,

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