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School is looking a little different this year. Whether your littles are home schooling, going part-time or are back in the classroom, we’ve got the home office inspiration you need for a successful school year.

A change in routine as drastic as switching from going to school every day to being home 24/7 can be daunting for any child. Home is where they play and enjoy family time, so when home becomes the classroom, there will be a blurred line between playtime and school time. To make that line clearer, create a dedicated learning space. Whether that is a desk , a table in an infrequently used guest bedroom or a totally transformed cubby under the stairs, having a clear definition of where learning takes place can make a big impact on focus.

Over the last few months, we’ve all struggled with that #WorkFromHome life. Yes, our sofas and dining room tables felt more comfortable in the beginning, but with all the temptations of watching TV or getting up to get one more snack, we’ve seen the light. And the light is a proper desk. This is no different for kids and teens, so if the end of the last school year felt rough, consider carving out a place to study ASAP!

For those of us whose dining tables have become desks, it can feel like working hours and relaxing hours have melted together, especially when you are trying to serve dinner and there is a laptop in the way. When learning time is over, clear the table of all devices, papers, pens and pencils and replace them with decor or dinner plates. Even if you can’t move the table, making it over at the end of each day will give you a fabulous sense
of transformation.

If carving out a space just for school work isn’t a possibility in your home, don’t stress! You can transform an existing space into a place of learning. Our favorite recommendation? Poufs. They are the bean bag chair’s sophisticated cousin, and we are obsessed. If you have little kids at home who just don’t mesh well with chairs, poufs are the perfect solution. Set them around your coffee table and create a study station that is perfectly sized for little learners.

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