Not So Deep Thoughts: 10.23.19

say nothing: a true story of murder and memory in northern ireland by Patrick Radden Keefe
I am embarrassed to say how much I didn’t know about the ‘troubles’ in northern Ireland other than what my dad told me. This book is held together by the underlying mystery of what happened to Jean McConville, a mother of 10 who was dragged from her Belfast home in 1972. As the story is told, the bitter conflict in the country, the key players involved and the terror people felt are explored in great detail. Perhaps you have no interest in this bit of history, but I was spellbound, and I actually feel smarter for having read this book.

the thing about pam. Apple Podcasts 
The name Pamela Hupp might be familiar to you since she is from around here. She seems to have a habit of killing those who get in her way. Keith Morrison of Dateline takes you through this six-part series that makes you realize some people really are just evil. Fascinating.

when they see us. Netflix
This miniseries was written and directed by award-winning Ana DuVernay and focuses on the case of five young men who were falsely accused of raping a woman in Central Park. They were convicted of the crime based on scant evidence and spent years in juvenile and adult prison while they fought the convictions. Each one of them suffered an unimaginable amount of pain, and they finally were exonerated in 2002. The show focuses on their lives, how easy it is to pressure people into giving false confessions and the pressure on law enforcement to resolve crimes quickly without complete certainty. You likely will binge-watch this series.