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Not So Deep Thoughts: 11.7.18

book » The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis.
I thought this was going to be an exposé about how the Trump administration screwed up the transition from the Obama administration. Sure, there was a little of that, but most of the book is dedicated to describing what our government does, from the Department of Commerce to the Department of Agriculture, day in and day out to keep us safe. A fascinating and informative read.

podcast » Katie Couric. Apple Podcasts.
As much as I love Hoda and Savannah in the mornings, I still miss Katie. But there is a way to still have her in your life! If you are like me, you’ll enjoy her podcasts where she interviews the big names in politics and pop culture. Her two-part podcast on Sarah Palin was riveting.

app » OurPact.
Aren’t you tired of seeing everyone’s eyes glued to a screen? Do you find you are constantly telling your kids to turn off their phones while guests or even their friends are over? OurPact is a parental control center  and so much more! It can be used to create schedules, block specific apps and adult content, limit screen time, set bedtime hours, and locate your family members at all times.