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St. Louis Jewish Film Festival

The 22nd annual St. Louis Jewish Film Festival returns June 4 to Landmark Plaza Frontenac Cinema, where the films will screen through June 8. The July and August screenings will take place at the JCC Arts & Education Building. Each of the 18 documentary and feature films celebrates Jewish life, and all are meant to appeal to a broad audience regardless of religious background.

4 p.m., June 4
» Miracle on Hardwood
Documentary about the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team

7 p.m., June 4
» Fanny’s Journey
True story of children in a foster home who must head to the Swiss border to escape the Germans

1 p.m., June 5
» Breakfast at Ina’s
Documentary on Chicago food legend Ina Pinkney that chronicles the last days of her breakfast restaurant

1 p.m., June 5
» The Last Blintz
Documentary on the multigenerational mom and pop restaurant in NYC, The Café Edison (aka The Polish Tea Room)

4 p.m., June 5
» Sabena Hijacking: My Version
True story of the 1972 hijacking of Sabena flight 571 from Vienna to Tel Aviv

7 p.m., June 5
» Bang: The Bert Berns Story
Documentary about legendary songwriter and music producer Bert Berns

1 p.m., June 6
» Past Life
Inspired by true events, a story of two daughters of Holocaust survivors working to unravel a mystery

4 p.m., June 6
» Monkey Business: The Curious Adventures of George’s Creators
A documentary that chronicles the story of Hans and Margret Rey, creators of Curious George

7 p.m., June 6
» The Women’s Balcony
A rousing tale about the aftermath of a synagogue collapse

1 p.m., June 7
» The Pickle Recipe
A comedy that follows a man’s plan to steal his family’s secret dill pickle recipe

4 p.m., June 7
» Joe’s Violin
A documentary about the power of music, shared by a Holocaust survivor and a schoolgirl in the Bronx

4 p.m., June 7
» The Maestro: In Search of The Lost Music
The story of Francesco Lotoro, a professional pianist who preserves music created by inmates in concentration camps

7 p.m., June 7
» Grain of Truth
A washed-up prosecutor investigates the murder of a well-known social activist

1 p.m., June 8
» Keep Quiet
A documentary about Csanad Szegedi, former vice president of Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party

4 p.m., June 8
» Laugh Lines
A heartwarming dramedy about family, love and staying young while growing old

7 p.m., June 8
» Ben-Gurion, Epilogue
Never-before-seen footage of Ben-Gurion in an ode to a great leader

4 p.m., July 16
» Germans & Jews
A documentary that explores Germany’s transformation as a society, post-Holocaust to present day

4 p.m., Aug. 20
» Operation Wedding
A documentary about a group of young Jewish dissidents who devised a plan to hijack a plane and escape the USSR in 1970

Pictured: The Pickle Recipe