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Student Standouts 7.14.21

Troy Staten of McCluer High School 

As a young performer, Troy Staten spent much of 2020 unable to do what he loves. The recent McCluer High School graduate is a singer and musical actor, and the pandemic meant there were few opportunities for him to hit the stage. But this spring, he seized the chance to participate in the St. Louis Teen Talent Competition and perform at The Fabulous Fox Theatre. In the end, Troy took home first place and an $8,000 scholarship.

How long have you been interested in music?
I’ve been singing since I was 7. That’s when I started doing musicals and performing with the Boys & Girls Clubs.

What is your favorite part of performing?
I love having the opportunity to move others with my talent and voice. It’s also great to get to meet and work with people who also are interested in music. I like to inspire and be inspired.

Why did you decide to participate in the St. Louis Teen Talent Competition?
When I was a freshman, I had the chance to play Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz on the Fox stage, and that’s how I was first introduced to the competition. I saw some past performances, and it looked amazing. I decided to try for myself as a senior. It was great to have the opportunity to work with everyone and see their talents.

What did it feel like to win?
It felt amazing. I knew how much hard work everyone had put into the competition. I was really just flabbergasted when I won; I still am. When the show aired on Nine PBS, my family and I had a watch party, which was really fun and exciting.

How was your senior year?
Overall, I would say it was a challenge. Luckily as a senior, I had finished most of my credits, but it was really hard to see my peers struggling emotionally, mentally and physically with the pandemic. We also didn’t have the opportunity to really pursue the arts together since the drama club and choir couldn’t meet. It was challenging, but I think I made the best of it.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I spend a lot of time perfecting my art, and I enjoy dancing. I love nature, so I’m a big hiker. I also like to journal; it’s a way to work on myself from within.


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