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The Honest Truth – Get Ignited

COVID-19’s colossal disruption has certainly rattled our teeth. But it’s also given us time to ponder new paths. Something cool is on the way, friends. Beth and Jill have loved answering your questions and quandaries in this column. Now, it’s time to for something new.

Collaborating with Jill to write this column has been a highlight and learning experience for me. Her advice is always thoughtful, direct and delivered with a great dose of humor. I’ll miss this work with her but know that she’s up to great things.

I am very excited to take this column in a new direction. When the pandemic began, I was struck by stories of heroism and hard work. So, I invited people to gather on Zoom to share stories about others doing amazing things. We heard from first responders, frontline workers, people who closed businesses and started new ones. These calls were attended by grandparents, business leaders, students and more.

We began to notice that people left the calls feeling heartened, motivated, inspired … what I call “ignited.” It turned into a weekly conversation that featured even more amazing people doing important work. Get Ignited Conversations was born.

Our featured guests may have won a Grammy, an Emmy or an Oscar. You may meet a Nashville songwriter, a Broadway producer, an NBA manager or a Shark Tank winner. But Get Ignited Conversations is not about being famous and untouchable—it is about being authentic and connected.

In this column, I’ll shine the spotlight on people who are ignited, overcoming obstacles and making things happen, even in challenging times. Their energy and stories are positively contagious—something we all can use a bit more of these days.


My favorite afternoons have been the ones Beth and I spent diving into reader dilemmas to dish out the best advice our collective brains could muster. Writing this column every month has been raucous, challenging and delightful—and I’ll miss it.

It’s time to redirect my energy to Jill Farmer Coaching, the time and stress management practice where I serve companies, organizations and physicians.

I would feel sadder about leaving this column if it wasn’t transforming into something so meaningful. As our friend Virginia Hume said, “Get Ignited Conversations was one of the best things to come out of the pandemic.” It served up some timely and much-needed inspiration.

Now, this column will be a place where you can Get Ignited.


Jill Farmer is a master certified life coach, author and time management aficionado.

Beth Chesterton is a master certified executive coach and an expert in organizational development.