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Designer Spotlight: 5.18.22

Kim Warden of California Closets

What are you excited about right now?
I was fortunate enough to go to the California Closets annual conference recently. I was able to see the new palette refresh. There are a lot of exciting new colors and finishes that will be available. While cooler gray tones are still popular, we are seeing a bit of a shift away from them. Homeowners are starting to lean toward warmer, more natural colors. We’re also seeing more blues.

How did the pandemic impact home organization?
It impacted how we view our homes. During lockdown, people started looking around their house and realizing what could use updating. It also became more necessary that rooms be multifunctional since both school and work had to be done remotely. We worked on a lot of office spaces. Even two years later, more homeowners are interested in making the investment to upgrade their houses than before the pandemic.

What are some popular solutions for multiuse spaces?
A big thing was ensuring that home offices could be ergonomically correct, so people didn’t have to deal with pain while working remotely. Even if it was a multifunctional room, the space had to be addressed as a fulltime work area instead of a temporary one. Sit stands desks are helpful for that. Many people didn’t want to give up their spare bedroom but needed a dedicated office space, so wall beds were a popular solution to ensure there was still a place for guests.


Where did you suggest homeowners start the organization process?
I love it when my clients bring in inspiration photos from Pinterest or Instagram. It really helps give me a vision for their taste and the overall look they’re going for. Our process begins with a home consultation so we can see the house. Prior to that, homeowners really need to think about how they intend to use the space and what their budget will be. Home organization is extremely customizable, and there are many variables. The more information you bring to a consultation, the more streamlined the design process is, which results in a space customized to meet your needs.


Are there any projects that are especially popular in the spring and summer?
As it warms up, people start thinking about organizing their garages. Later in the summer, back to school is a big consideration. Mudrooms are a popular project during this time. Parents want a more organized drop zone for things like shoes and backpacks when kids walk in the door.


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