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Not So Deep Thoughts: 5.22.19

book » i love you too much by alicia drake.
This is a beautifully written story of a 13-year-old boy living in Paris with two narcissistic parents who are in the middle of a divorce. He is a bit of an outcast at school, and his parents really aren’t all that interested in him unless they need to be. When another outsider arrives at his school, they form a fast friendship that makes the boy finally enjoy his life … until things begin to unravel for everyone. It’s a great book for a rainy day, but not one that will make you smile or laugh. Drake is an outstanding writer, and her words make you want to keep reading just one more page.

streaming » the inventor: out for blood in silicon valley. streaming on hbo.
When I first started working in the financial services industry, a very wise person told me never to invest in anything I didn’t understand or couldn’t explain to my mom or dad. Too bad the investors of Theranos didn’t hear that advice. Elizabeth Holmes managed to defraud them of billions of dollars by claiming her company made it possible to test blood via a tiny prick of your finger instead of the vials normally needed. Problem was, her technology never worked. It took several lower-ranked whistleblowers turning her in before her perfect world of all-black turtlenecks, bright red lipstick, and luxury cars and homes fell apart. If you have read the book Bad Blood on the same topic, it’s still worth watching the documentary. Any bit of pity you might have had for Holmes evaporates in the end.