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Not So Deep Thoughts: 7.24.19

book » ladies who punch by Ramin Setoodeh.
This book reads like a very long Vanity Fair article: Nice and soapy with lots and lots of gossip. If you don’t watch The View or even know what that is, there is no reason to waste your time, but if you do and you want to get all of the behind-the-scenes details, you will love everything on these pages. The author takes you from the very beginning of the television talk show to present day, which means you get to hear all of the inside scoop on the hiring and firing of the various co-hosts, along with who likes or dislikes whom. Am I any smarter for having read this? No. But it sure did entertain me.

tv » turn up charlie. Netflix.
This is what I consider migraine medicine. It is the perfect thing to watch when your head hurts, you have a cold or you just aren’t feeling too well. It requires little brain power, and if you don’t finish the entire series, you won’t ever think about it again. That said, Idris Elba plays Charlie, the friend of a well-known actor whose daughter is a brat and seems to chase every single nanny away. Since Charlie’s career is going nowhere, he becomes the nanny, or ‘manny.’ Piper Perabo plays the actor’s wife who has a thriving career as a DJ. The parents seem to forget they have a child until Charlie comes along. The brat is believably played by Frankie Hervey, and if you are a parent, you will have a very strong desire to give the little one a serious talking-to after the first episode.